Line Serums Benefit

Targeted treatments for brightening, calming and retexturing the skin

Potent serum treatments enhanced by delivery technology

Our high potency, targeted serums are the ideal way to make significant “instant” and long term changes to the skin. Our serums utilize P.E.T technology and are concentrated in high-impact actives yet are light-weight for easy absorption. They also target specific conditions from brightening and toning the skin to smoothing, refining, restoring, regenerating, and retexturing the skin. Our serums are formulated to calm, soothe, and provide high potency relief for inflamed, sensitized, and the most sensitive of skin. Included are also Pre and Post Treatment serums that can be utilized with laser, micro-needling and various cosmetic treatments that will combat post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. They work best when layered one on top of the other to address multiple skin care needs, as well as on their own to target specific conditions.

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